SEO for Google+

SEO for Google+

Promoting Google+ – why and how is it done?

We have repeatedly talked about the place in SEO is the promotion of the site in social networks. We will not repeat it unnecessarily. Recall only that social signals have a fairly serious impact on search ranking.

In the same article, we want to tell you how to talk about a site on Google+. Despite the low popularity of this soc. network in the Russian-language Internet, do not use the promotion in Google+ will be, at least, silly.

After all, it is obvious that the well-known search engine will rank the site connected with Google+ better than the one that conducts active activity only in Vkontakte. And it’s not a matter of prejudice.

Why promotion in Google+ is important for SEO

Not everyone knows about the existence of the Google-algorithm called Search +, which influences the formation of search results by evaluating information from Google+ accounts.

When ranking, the associated site is considered with Google+ or not, as well as the presence of an account in it for each particular user who enters the query into the search box. The resulting information is collated, which allows you to display the most relevant search results.

In addition, promoting Google+ for the company means increasing the visibility of its brand and is one of the types of advertising.

How to create a Google+ account for a company

Create a page and start promoting in Google+ for the company can only from under the existing personal account, using the service “our Business”. The first step is to choose the type of company that corresponds to your activity.
The next item will be an indication of all the necessary data and the location of the company on the map, so it is advisable that it is pre-registered in Google Places.

Next, you will be asked to confirm information about the company in one of the available ways (by mail, by phone, etc.).

Customize the visual display of the newly created page.

Add a short description of the company, phone number, opening hours and other important information. Do not forget to use the most important keywords for your site in the description, but remember that people will read it.

You can associate a site with Google+ by adding its address using the appropriate function in your profile.
Also, to link a site with Google+, you need to place on its main page a link to your account in this social network. network.

How to talk about a site on Google+

It’s not enough just to make a site connected to Google+. To get the effect in search engine promotion, it is necessary to conduct active activities in this social network. network:

Publish in your own and created in Google+ for the company account posts about updates and changes on the site (inserting direct links), that is, to conduct a kind of news column. Interested users of regular publications will add you to their circles, and consequently, your popularity will grow.

For publications, create unique texts, and not just copy part of the article from the site. Come to this point, how to write a small article, not forgetting to optimize the text.

During the publication of posts, use keywords that promote the pages of your website.

Do not forget to use hashtags so that your records can easily be found by users with specific interests. This will increase the target audience and accelerate the promotion on Google+.

Use the Google+ button for the website you’re promoting. Place it on all pages of the web resource, intended for reading by visitors, so that they can share with users from their circles.

Engage in active communication with those who comment on your publications, do not forget about mutual “likes” or (as they are called) “pluss”.

Add to the thematic communities and conduct active activities there.


Promotion on Google+ is an excellent opportunity to add multiple rating points to your site;

A Google+ page for the company can serve as a good tool for advertising and brand awareness;

It’s not enough to tell about a site on Google+ once, you need to conduct regular activities in social media. network to get the effect;

The Google+ button for the site should be placed on all pages of your site to receive and amplify social signals.