Secrets of Google Plus

How to use Google+ to promote your site

If you have not yet thought about using Google+ to drive traffic to your site, it’s time to do it and buy Google Plus followers.

Let Google + and did not become a “new Facebook”, it still has some advantages over other social networks, such as increasing the position in Google’s search results.

Recently, more and more companies are creating accounts on Google+ and are using it in their SEO strategy.

The purpose of these companies is not to increase the number of subscribers, but to increase brand awareness in this, to put it mildly, an important search engine.

The good news is that it is not difficult to do this. Here are 5 simple steps to help you improve your search engine results through Google+:

Optimize the information on the page

Start by editing the information on your page on Google+ and make it more accessible for indexing by Google.

Do not forget to write a title and description of your brand on the “About Us” page, including a couple of keywords at the end. It is very important to use the relevant links in the description, for example, a link to the home page of your site or to any other source of information associated with you.

To understand how this works, we recommend that you look at the “About Us” section of the Wix page.

Add the Google+ button to your site

Google+ is similar to a two-way street: Do not promote your site on Google+ pages much, so that the Google+ button is also present on the pages of your site. Use the “Subscribe” and “+1” buttons in different places on your site to increase the number of subscribers (that’s how to do it in the Wix editor).

Do not forget to add the G + button to the social networks panel on the other marketing matrices, including mailing lists and emailings. Remember: the more active your page on Google+, the more likely that you will notice Google itself.

Work on content

This is most likely the most important part in working on search engine optimization of your site using Google+. The content on your page should be updated regularly, be interesting and correctly composed.

Update the page at least several times a week and be sure to write separate texts for the page on Google+ (and not just copy them from other sites). Use in your records keywords related to your field of activity or services that you provide, and make sure that they are in harmony with the main text.

Do not forget to use attractive images, in order to encourage potential customers to click on your link, subscribe to your newsletter, read or share your records.

Use links and hashtags

Hashtags play an important role always when it comes to search engine optimization, this also applies to Google+. Make sure that all your entries contain links to the home page of your site, as well as to other sections.

Add hashtags to each post, so that the searcher can more easily categorize them. Hashtags help you improve visibility in all search engines, and in Google+ in particular. Thus, your entries will be shown to the target audience with the relevant interests.

Be active in Google+ communities

Google+ communities unite people with similar interests, such as “Games”, “Education”, “Sports”, etc. Google+ has dozens of active communities, the most popular of which are thousands of people.

Being active in Google+ communities, you can prove yourself and attract new subscribers to your page. This in turn will increase the activity on your page and increase its visibility in search results.