How to increase blog visitors?

How to increase blog visitors?

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It is very difficult to choose what to do first and what is secondary. On the one hand, the trust of the author’s profile, and on the other the target audience of the blog. Both these parameters play a very important role. So let me dwell on this issue in more detail.

What is an author’s profile trust?

Author Rank is a metric that Google uses to link content with its author, and thereby determine the level of confidence in it.

The main factors that influence this trust are the number of people you have in circles and their route, plus the number of pluses and trust of those who put them to you.

There are other factors that you can read about in the article by Sam Applegate on the Ninja Creative website. The main thing is that this thing is not simple and quite successfully falls within the framework of the development of modern search networks.

The audience of the blog, which is formed around the page, is also important. This is not just a mark for a good article, it’s living people who use the Internet in general and social networks in particular.

True, it should be recognized that only a small part of them is more or less active. Recently We spent a roll call on our plus page, according to statistics, only 14 people showed activity and noted.

However, We think that this result in almost 9% of the total number of participants is quite good.

Honestly, when creating your blogs, We noticed a certain tendency. In the beginning they develop quite well, subscribers, comments, etc. appear, but after reaching a certain side-chapel, like a sickle at a known place.

Thousands of people talk about this, but this mystery is not known to me and We find it difficult to even imagine anything here.

Promotion plus pages

By giving an account of our abilities and abilities, We usually prefer simple and understandable ways of solving problems. Of course, this approach can not be called particularly successful, but it is better than nothing at all.

Of course, for me personally, social networking pages are not just a link to articles published in a blog. In addition to links, We try to dilute the tape with additional, useful or entertaining information.

At the same time, We did not succeed too much in mass following and stimulating the audience.

This need to be taken into account and taken into account.

The very method of promotion plus pages is quite simple. In addition to users who add your page to their circles, important are the pluses.

Their number is displayed to the right of the name plus a page in the form of a button. As you can see, We have a counter on our counter in 1445 pluses, and this is a plus.

It should be noted that it is quite difficult to gain advantages in the Russian part of Google+. Our audience is not very active and not as numerous as the foreign audience. In this issue it is better to pay attention to foreign communities.

For example, as our source of pluses, We used the Caturday community. There are already more than 10 thousand participants. How does it all work?

Log in to Google+.

Change your account to a plus page.

Select the drop-down menu in the list (it is in the upper left corner, next to the red g + icon), the “Communities” item.

We find a suitable community, the same Caturday.

Go to his page and click the “Join” button. It turns out that we joined the community as a plus page.

Next, you need to find something to share (photo, picture, text, etc.). It is worth noting that in the west like large, high-quality photos, but with a correction for copyrights. So if you can better make your picture, and if not … it’s a little risky.

Honestly, We usually risk and take photos from the same pikabu. Also, it will not be superfluous to ascribe something to yourself, for example: for friend on #caturday. Click the “Share” button.

That’s actually the whole “wisdom”. People plyusuyut published record, and the pros are in the piggy bank of your plus page.

You type bonuses on the same kittens, and the blog due to the link with the untwisted page on Google+.

We do not know how much our method is acceptable for you. We try not to talk about what can be called white and fluffy, but about what We understand and use.

In any case, you can do all this at a much more natural level, achieve better results or even, invent something of your own. Thank you for what you have. Good luck!