How to increase Google Plus followers

How to increase Google Plus followers

Get more information from Google Plus

The position of the Google Plus page in the search engine is significantly influenced by two parameters: where the keywords are located and who your subscribers are and who you are subscribed to.

Speaking of placing keywords on the Google Plus page, the most interesting places are the entry of posts, as well as the place of work, education and places (try to fill these fields, even if it is a business account). Once the keywords are selected, it’s time to optimize your Circles, choosing people that fit your theme and using your keywords.

There are many ways to gather an audience on Google Plus Circles, but if you do not have enough subscribers, you can start by involving users with unique, high-quality content.

Previously, it was often claimed that Google Plus is a platform for publishing great story posts, and it is they who get the audience involved the best.

Looking at the trend posts, we can conclude that the situation has changed.

But, however, why are you on Google Plus? I’m pretty sure that the ultimate global goal is to improve SEO performance. That’s why, by publishing the post “This is a pizza!” With a photograph, the goal is unlikely to be achieved.

Instead, try using content in Google Plus that not only attracts attention, but also allows you to get new subscribers and improve your position in search results:

Use headers – mark the topic of your post in Google Plus, adding your keywords. In the social network, you can also use text formatting: * bold *, _cursive_, -corrected-.

Publish content to Google Plus regularly – you do not need to post 1500+ characters each day. Limit one per week and spend the rest of the time in short posts with keywords.

Add visual content – regardless of whether you add pictures, videos that do not seem to require explanation, try to write a paragraph or two describing it.

Do research – engage your audience with short studies. Start your research with a quick question with keywords as the title and develop the topic in a few short paragraphs.

Four simple rules.

Try to start publishing content and developing Kroogi by following these tips and you will be surprised at how quickly your content will appear in Google’s search results. In some cases, it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

A couple of minutes to index the content – it’s great, but how much time to develop Kroogi, get subscribers, and create and publish content, and support Google Plus live.

“Nooo, I’d rather stay in comfortable Facebook and Twitter,” you say (as I do, though).

But everything changes with these ten tools that shorten the time on Google Plus from a few hours a day to a couple of minutes. Not so much? Then go ahead!