Google Plus Tools

Google Plus Tools is the first service for SMM, one of Google+ partners, which allows you to create postponed posts in Google Plus and 8 other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest. In, social network analytics is also available, in which Instagram is added to this list.

No one wants to mess around with Google Plus, but everyone wants to publish unique content to please Google.

In view of Google’s high demands on content in Google Plus and other social networks, in the application you can quickly adapt one post for each social network.

Promotion in social networks requires consistency.

And as for the constancy in the posts, you can create a schedule of publications in advance, see the gaps in your content plan and plan content for the nearest free time.

Google+ Notifications

Google+ Notifications is a handy extension for tracking activity in Google Plus, if you use, say, to create pending publications, but on the social network itself, you are not a frequent visitor.

The Google+ Notifications icon turns red when someone subscribes to you or added you to circles, left a comment, etc. In this case, you can answer and subscribe to people directly from the extension without going into Google Plus.

Thus, your Google Plus account remains active, growing and constantly updated with just two tools without your immediate presence.


Your subscribers in Google Plus are users who have subscribed to you through Google Plus Circles. You can see how many people added you to Kroogi, and see their profiles.

But CircleCount expands these meager data and allows you to track changes in the number of subscribers.

This is not the only feature of the application (but one of the main).

With the help of the service you can view and analyze all possible Google Plus statistics, starting with the demographics of subscribers and the popularity of posts, ending with the calculation of opinion leaders in your circles.


Allmyplus is a free service that collects Google Plus statistics for any profile or page (read, for any user, not just for you).

The platform records detailed information about any user, analyzing the number of posts, time, volume, number of +1, comments, rassharivaniy and provides data for the day, and for several months.

For what? Allmyplus is best suited not for analyzing your own Google Plus pages (you can see your own statistics in the same Google+ Statistics), but to evaluate the behavior of your audience in Google Plus and opinion leaders by the days of the week and hours.

A great way to quickly calculate the most active days and times for your Google Plus page. is a customizable Google Plus widget. Developing both Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and any other social network accounts, you can not separate them from your company’s website, as you can not fail to assess the effectiveness of attracting targeted subscribers to your communities using social network widgets.

The difference between this widget Google Plus and its counterparts is that you can easily adapt it to the overall design: starting from the color, style of fonts and links, ending with the presence of the phonics and the number of displayed last posts.


Circloscope is a powerful tool for getting subscribers on Google+ Circles. With it, you can track users, both those who are interested in your topic, and those who commented, put +1 or shared any post, and add them to Kroogi.

You can also create narrowly targeted Circles from those users who have just shown interest in the topic, or are leaders of opinions, those who participated in the event, or answered “Maybe.”

After that, using the same application you can watch who subscribed to you in response and delete inactive users according to the specified criteria.

Google+ Search

In Google Plus, hashtags work as if in the dreams of a beginner SMM-specialist about the incessant growth.

To be serious, Google Plus provides a search not only for trend posts, but also for hashtags. In this case, the relevant hashtags will be offered automatically.

You can use this as one of the elements of increasing the audience, tracking trend themes, and creating content just for them (also you can use polls, collections and other tools to involve users), climbing to the top.

Pablo by Buffer

This app does not have direct Google Plus support: only Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are offered in image sizes, and you can share the picture only through Buffer, which supports Google Plus.

Nevertheless, there must be Pablo – the fastest way to create images for Google Plus and for other social networks in which the visual is so important.

So, with the help of the application you can select a template, then add a picture from 6600+ samples or upload your own, apply filters, set the size, add text and logo and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, send to Buffer, or save and upload to Google Plus manually, or using any other service for SMM.

Google Plus Follower Stats

Google Plus Follower Stats is an open source add-on for Firefox that allows you to sort Google Plus users in your circles and pages by the number of subscribers and quickly find the most popular profiles.

From the application, you can see their latest activity in Google Plus, and immediately subscribe to the profiles you are interested in.

Google+ Hangouts

On Air is a great way to show in Google Plus that your business or you yourself are an expert in the field and gain an impressive number of subscribers in a short time.

If you know everything about the topic and feel that you can talk to the camera for hours (or you know a person who can speak for you), Google Plus Hangouts On Air is a quick way to tell your target audience.

Despite the fact that the planning and preparation of video content takes quite a long time, as a result, you can each time receive a gain of targeted loyal subscribers in Google Plus and prove yourself as a leader of opinions.