Google Plus apps

In the summer of 2011, the well-known Internet company Google announced the newest social network Google Plus.


Almost a year has already passed and it is possible to draw the first conclusions about the conquest of popularity in the Internet.

Although Google’s first attempts to unite users in one place turned out to be unsuccessful, it’s impossible to say such things about Google Plus.

Even a layman is clear that the service turned out fine. Simple design with no frills, excellent speed, a good idea with friends circles, as well as full integration with all products from Google.

Everything as a whole gives a decent picture for comfortable social communication: smiles.

In general, Google+ is an ordinary social network, fundamentally no different from the popular Twitter and Facebook.

Something serious in the functional was not introduced, but otherwise the competitors took only the best and competently improved, plus the Google add-ons: smile

Especially it is worth noting the high growth rates of new registrations, which far exceed the closest competitor Facebook and Twitter.

By the way, thanks to the statistics of the site, the most rounded user of Google Plus is Britney Spears with an audience of 3.5 million people.

In second place Snoop Dogg, and on the third Google CEO Larry Page. Let’s see what happens in a year!

The social network Google Plus has absorbed and embodied the most relevant developments of Google. Communicate in the network is simple and easy: smile

And before the community on the Internet is an open question about whether G + can catch up and overtake the leader of the popular application like Foursquare, as well as the world social network Facebook.

Nobody doubts that Google will provide many more wonderful ideas that in months or years will make Google+ known to millions of people, so that the positions of Facebook and Twitter may be shaken.

Of course, Mark Zuckerberg will not surrender so easily. And to us simple users there will be only on a hand rigid competition.

After all, in the competitive struggle, new thoughts are born and grandiose ideas are embodied, and what else is needed to satisfy people online?

The social network Google Plus is a worthy alternative to popular similar projects and provides excellent opportunities for users. Today anyone can freely register for Google+ quickly and for free!