Google+ Business Page

Google+ Business Page

Google+ Business Page: Promotion and Opportunities

Many people ask themselves: Is there life on the Google+ social network? Life in this social network is boiling!

It is enough to look at the number of +1 in the top of popular records, as well as the number of participants in the set + communities.

In this article we will talk about the promotion of Google+ pages and + accounts, and about what opportunities Google+ has for promoting organic search.

How to get subscribers to Google+ pages

To catch bots in subscribers and to buy untwisted so + accounts does not make sense. For the correct promotion of the our Business page, you need only live people who will actively interact with your page – +1 and share with friends.

The constant activity of your target audience will positively influence the ranking of your site in Google search results. Catch subscribers in your Google+ account or on the our Business page by distributing interesting content to topical + communities.

How google + affects ranking in Google
Fast indexing of pages

Google+ affects the indexing of new pages on your site. In order for Google to quickly find your new pages and add them to the search index, just create a record from your account and share it with your subscribers or with the popular community.

If your page has many reposts and is willing to share it, links from such pages work fine for SEO.

Personalization and Authorship

If you have a website link and a our Business page, Google searches for all of your subscribers with the relevant records from your feed, with these inserts completing the results, not replacing the sites of other sites.

Similarly, Google mixes video clips into its distribution. With a high relevance of the record, it can be in the top 5 search results, and having a picture of your brand will lead to additional traffic to your page and help attract new subscribers.

Those who simply put +1 on your page in the SERP will also be mixed with the relevant entries of your page marked “You and someone else in your circles have put + this site.”

Authorship allows you to determine the source material and also personalize the search results for subscribers of your + account.

After tying the authorship in the SERP, the Google site’s avatar will appear in the snippet of your site. Learn more about linking authorship to Google+.

Search results are only personalized if the user is authorized on Google+.

How do We get links from Google+?

Any + page and + account and also the community is perfectly indexed by Google’s search robot and each such page has its own PR. And if the page is indexed, it has its weight, and links from such a page will work efficiently despite the algorithms of Google. However, it is difficult to find such PR-hard accounts and Google+ pages, especially in the Russian segment of Google+, as they are simply units.

Hence, you can conclude that before you buy links to Google + check the PR page, and ask the

Echo account for the latest posts – a scheme for distributing records with all the reposting chains.

What are the views on Google+?

The number of views on the Google+ account page or on the our Business page shows the total number of views on your page, as well as the views of posts, photos and video posts by other users.

Views from all the outposts of your entry are also taken into account. That is, you will be credited with viewing your post even if it is viewed in the + community with which you shared a record or if someone shares a record with their subscribers.

That shows views and subscribers in google +

On the company’s page, you can view the general page statistics and detailed views and interactions with your records.

How to see the statistics of a visit to a Google business page
The statistics collected data on the growth of your subscribers and detailed statistics of views for each entry.

Also on this page you can monitor the growth of subscribers and views over the last 30 days on the linked Youtube channel. Detailed page statistics shows the gender, age and language of your audience.

Detailed statistics + pages our business is only available if more than 200 people are subscribed to it. In order to collect as many subscribers you need to do promotion of the page.

You can do this in many ways, for example, place interesting and fascinating content and share it with other people in thematic + communities.

Automatically add Google+ publications to your business page
In Google + as well as in other social networks, you can add content through third-party services of auto-publishing.
For Google+, you can connect multiple accounts and publish content to each of them at the same time.

Google+ and Adwords features

Since the fall of 2014, Google has actually obliged all companies to register the pages of your business.

Now the phone that appears in your Adwords ads is taken from the our Business page, and without its creation you will not be able to show the phone in the ad.

Linking Google+ and Adwords

By linking your Adwords account and Google+, your ads will show the number of subscribers to your Google our Business page, but only those users who are currently authorized on Google+.

In the next article I’ll tell you how to get a stable increase in subscribers to pages and accounts without any special time and money costs.