How to Promote Your account on Google+

Google+: This is a fairly powerful social network, and from the outside you can not say, but it is! She has many advantages – I’ll tell about them in this article.

Of course, there are some disadvantages too: they are people who are stingy about likes , pluses and comments (mostly from different countries), but we will bypass such side.

There are a lot of other people from other countries who are open to new acquaintances and sincere friendship (over a quarter of a billion people in this network).

Register on the Google+ network with a page where you can start a YouTube channel. If you are a webmaster, blogger and have your own website or blog, you can install the g + button there.

This button is very necessary, it is an indicator of attendance and recognition of people. These pulses increase the chances of extradition in the search engines, as well as attracting new readers to their own resources.

To create an account in Google, it’s enough to create an email account for Gmail and consider that it’s done. Fill in the fields with the required information.

Create not fake pages and you can find out in our blog how to earn with social networks. Add photos. It remains for a few to find friends.

Who has accounts in Google, they know how friends are needed – you can not know them and do not even go to them on the pages, they will serve you for extras.

After creating the page, you will be offered to import contacts from the mailboxes of the user, hotmail (We do not have any, We would be glad to see Facebook contacts instead of them, which is very untwisted).

Where you find the person you want to add to your circles (friends), just point at their page and you will have a window with the “add” button. In a day, you can add 500 people (the limit of friends is the same as on Facebook – 5000). AS?! Everything is very simple.

On your Google page + there is a search box in which you write “Reciprocal circles”, “Add to the circle”, “Mutually round” (a bit like a twitter – mutual following) and you search will give out a community or people who will add you with your hands and feet and still reward each other with pluses.

And all when these people see that you have added them, will reciprocate you.

Do not forget to periodically clean your friends list, in the sense that some radishes may not add you, maybe these people either do not go to the friends list for a long time, or do not visit this social network. We do not need such people to contemplate in our circles.

One person can be added to all your circles: friends, subscriptions, sports, technology and circles that you create in person.

For example, a circle of close friends. When you add a photo or record, you can mark for which circle this information is for everyone or for friends. People will not see in which circles you added them, for example, if you have a website, then just create a circle “Subscribers” and define all the tudas.

Join our blog this you can do at the bottom of the blog and you will be updated with updates and learn how to quickly clean your friends’ lists in google + from non-reciprocal people and many more interesting things.

What is a community?

A community is a place where a group of people interact with each other on the basis of common interests. Interests are different for everyone. Something more in demand, something less.

For example, the topic of SEO has a very narrow scope, but the topic of earnings is broad. This can be used!

Quantity vs quality
Obviously, the more participants in the community, the more attractive it is! Choosing between a small, but high-quality and large, but mediocre, community, many are inclined to the second option.

How to attract participants to the community?
There are many correct and proven ways, but We want to tell you about bots. Bots thing is unpleasant, but to create a quantity – useful.

Bots are not people and work on the machine. The principle of their actions is that there is a set of keywords, they search for suitable communities, the bot registers in communities and begins to spam.

Our actions are as follows:

  1.  Create communities with the keywords necessary for bots, for example: earnings, mmm, mlm, infobusiness, business, etc.
  2.  Registration in the community should be simple. So far, you do not need to choose the option “apply”.
  3.  Feature Google+ is that spamomet is quickly identified and filtered. So far you should not reject such publications. Let them lie down in the spam and more bots will be added to the community.
  4.  As soon as the quantitative minimum of participants is recruited, you can cover the bench. Rename the community and start the sweep.

At the moment We have rejected all spam published in the SDR, cleaned the tape of garbage, approved and placed pluses on normal records, invited friends to the community and asked for directions. The topic went!